You Complain, So Do Your Customers

According to last post “Are Customers Always Right?”, this let me think about how to handle customer complaint to improve customer satisfactory. How do you face criticism? If you observe other people, you can find most people from the subconscious still confront criticism with “defensive view”, even “revengeful view”. In other words, most people are not pleased to receive complaint but kick it back to customers. It is hard to deal with customer satisfactory well without changing your point of view.

Feel the same way

        Before customers come up with complaint, we need to figure out they should have suffered torment. You have to realize what their torment was and try to accept their complaint.


        There is no absolute right or wrong answer for most complaint cases. Nevertheless, if you can notice your responsibility from customers’ complaint and take charge of it, a turning point would appear and you can intermediately moderate customers’ mood.

Turn defeat into victory

        After taking charge of the complaint, you have to find out the real complaint reason and then remove the problem for experience and improvement.

To thank

        Is it ridiculous to thank customers for their complaint? Not really. You have to thank them because they point out your business issues to improve the quality of products and services. Afterwards, thank them and ask them to check the renewed products and services. And this causes the real business improvement cycle.

        Treating customers’ complaint as expectation and concern instead of noise and threat must become daily chores to originate chances. It is a main trend for business to face new challenges and I hope more business can create opportunities with whole new perspectives.

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Are Customers Always Right?

“Customers are always right” is a core principle and prospect in business. It is not only adaptable when customers complain, but works on the whole transaction procedure. When I used to work at a steak house and met one customer who made a mistake when she made a reservation by phone. When she came to our store and said something different from what she said in the phone, I was arguing with her. I pissed her off and we almost lost control. Afterwards my boss came to us and handled this argument right away. My boss did not said anything to me later but at that moment I realized I should not do like that way. I think business, especially service industry, emphasizes on treating clients with good attitude and manner, and fit their standards under any condition. This experience told me I had no professional self-discipline and broke the company’s reputation. Therefore, this lesson also let me think about something:
1. Customers’ comprehension ability. If customers do not understand business’s operating process and just think in their own way, then they might not understand what the professional’s explanation and communication. This case definitely affects the speed of works.
2. Customers’ knowledge and profession. When we assign tables for customers, many of them want to have seats where they like or they think comfortable for them. However, during the peak time we need to arrange that quickly and precisely so usually cannot meet every customer’s request. If we follow their requests that must delay other tasks.
3. Employees’ ability to control themselves and solve problems. To practice the core principle needs quite good patience and great ability to deal with urgent issues to interact with them and face to their irrational request.
4. How much the company supports their employees? The company asks employees to respect customers as much as possible. If the company does not authorize or support them to deal with customers’ problems, employees usually do not know how to handle it.

     Overall, in my opinion customers are not always right, but sometimes employees have to resist their professional understanding with proper communication to maintain the certain level of service. What do you think?

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Are You a Trustee?

I just heard one well-known saying “A leader at least spends half time on leading himself”. If you can lead yourself well, then you can lead other people. If you can lead people, then you can lead a company. The most essential thing on leading self is trust. How can you get trust? In my opinion I think the key essence is sincereness.


Learn to accept mistakes and get lessons

        You are really lucky if you can learn something from mistakes. Most people cannot do that but complain or pin on variety of excuses. Unlike this type of people, people who can learn something are able to improve their life experience, their knowledge, and ability to handle people and things.


        When I was in a second English class (I especially spent one year learning English in Tacoma, WA in2009), my teacher told me I am a good communicator. I asked her the reason and she told me when I was listening I always looked attentively at that person’s eyes whom I was talking to. This really inspired and encouraged me. This really helps me to earn other people’s trust because this shows more focus.

Care about other people and show interests

        Sincere communication is a short cut to earn trust. Everyone has the down moment when something goes wrong or rough, promptly care plays a role which is like rain falling on the desert. Showing interests means you want to dig into that person and he gradually becomes trust you.

Try to understand people

        If you can know a person’s past or background, you would know what and how have made him like this, understand his behavior and response. If you do not understand it, you might not agree with what he has said and done. It is hard to make a compromise without understanding.

How you get others’ trust?

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Pros and Cons of Blog Marketing

Online marketing has been very hot in western society, especially blog marketing. Through free blog posts people can express your professional and products’ feature. Furthermore you can interact with your clients to promote the brand with spending money on real marketing aspect like decorating, increasing subscription, and enhancing popularity.

More effective than online auction.

        Blog posts provide photos and rich description to attract potential consumers. Although people do not like redundant articles, proper description and good content can send messages which sellers want to express. Key words is also a good way to let Internet surfers easily find your article.

You can have a specific topic and create your own style.

       Before being exposure, according to your target customers you have to analyze and customize the blog’s topic. Besides, bloggers can use some tactics like friendly and funny comics or stories to transfer potential customers to your followers.

Blog can be a discussion area

About your products, blog can be a space which involves stories about using products sharing, and message sending. Some people are leaders, and some are followers. Leaders play an important role here because followers like listening to variety of information to make decisions.


        Creating a blog is free, but operating it might cost a lot. Nowadays you want to be more popular, you need powerful marketing. Sky high budget in the beginning can rarely be ignored but if you can enrich your content, and increase blog posts frequencies, which might be the only way without money issue.


        The successful key for managing blog is content. However, benefit might be limited. Online shoppers usually look for which rich products’ information can be chosen and compared, blogs only have correlative discussion. For this field online blog marketing might not present enough.

What do you think? Any else you can help me add?

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How You Survive in a Group Life?

     I always regard the military service as a small social community with people from different education levels. I used to take it for one mandatory year and usually work in an office with some squad leaders and privates. This is the most valuable experience in my life so far. On account of that I also regard it as a skirmish before getting into a real career field. I have met a ton of people which were totally different from me, and how could I get along with them? Some officers gave me certain work suddenly, sometimes at midnight; sometimes blamed me without real reasons, or pass the buck to me, so how could I do to them?

  1. Talk less and do more. We do not like tolerance but sometimes it is necessary and useful. Everyone has emotions and temper, but it is not a good idea to say it out loud; like my previous post “Emotional Intelligence”, just learn how to find excuses to console yourself.
  2. Get along with people. When we are suffering, we need to vent, and people we work together are the best company. We can understand what other people think about and feel, and according to that we start to build bonded relationship.
  3. Be tactful. Most people like hearing good words. I am not telling that we should be hypocritical, and I used to question this topic with my father, who is a sales manager. We need to learn how to put lubricant within our life; let everyone likes to talk to you to gather more complete information to dominate others.
  4. Try not to be the best, but also not the worst. I know it is weird to say this because when we work we need to be outstanding to get better promotion. However, the most outstanding person might get jealousy and then makes your life with spiky roses.

     I think there should be a little bit different from career life, and military life is more simple and not that reflexible. I lived with around 100 people and worked with them. During that time I have learned how to get used to group life, cooperate with peers, to be responsible, and know what honor is. Many parents let their kids be scouts to figure out group life and how to gather with people. I believe this is the same principle to teach people how to better working atmosphere and culture. How about you? Have you had such experience, or you are having it?

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Deposit Book of Personal Networks

How old are you? In your “life deposit book”, how much personal network do you have except money and knowledge? Owning professional knowledge is a big wisdom as well as building up personal network. If you want to make money, no doubt making friends is one of the most essential factors. The more your friends, the more your opportunities. How come personal network is so important, especially in business world? The first reason is trust. To your company workers they respect you; to your customers they are willing to purchase your products or services. The second reason is information. If you use your personal networks highly well, you could own more human resources and gain more useful variety of information to solve different issues.

Luckily, in the U.S. people do have some modern tools to build up personal networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Nowadays we do not need to face to each other to establish the connection; we just build our social network hub, set what we present our personal professional brands, and let the traffic freely flow. Unlike the U.S., people in Taiwan have no this kind of advantage to expand personal networks. Our personal network is limited by time and distance, and we need to go out to grow it up. It not only takes a long time and costs a lot, but sometimes is an idle work in the end. Anyway as we face some tricky tough problems, we do not need to go to universities or professional institutions to ask for assistance; what we can do is jumping into linkedin or Twitter to look for some professionals’ help. You can set resourceful personal networks in advance to get answers right away instead of waiting for answers in a rush. Those above tools push us to share, to help, and to be transparent. I am so glad I am learning this stuff overseas,        you self?

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Emotional intelligence

Can you manage your emotion well when you are angry? During work time can you control yourself without arguing with your customers? In your company can you tolerate someone say something bad behind your back? Humankind has various emotions naturally caused by inner functions of body and outer factors from interaction with people. However, when we see our friends upset or not in mood and even we give them our care and comfort, it is possible to annoy them and we might escape. Sometimes people who treat others sweet and warm, their emotion become irritable as under long-term pressure or irritation. Emotion can make people change how to treat people and handle things, or scare away people to influence interpersonal relationship. Here are some tips to control your emotion.

  1. Observe which kind of emotion influences our life. Observing is life experience and real feel, so do not intentionally hide your emotion.
  2. Negative emotion represents accumulation of problems. To manage your personal emotion, simultaneously you have to assure yourself what the problem is which causes the emotion.
  3. Learn how to find excuses to console yourself. Sense of humor is useful and usually works. Witty is my favorite adjective because it describes people who face this problem they can solve it with intelligence and flexibility.
  4. Try to think of things by another aspect. Do not hold single thought to think about and solve things. Try to think in opposite way and then usually you would find another better way to solve problems marvelously.
  5. Try to think with positive attitude. As you face frustration, do not blame yourself first. You can focus on what lessons you got through what you suffered. Every thought can produce every emotion, and try to regard your issue as opportunity of change. Finally, this attitude can let you create positive emotion and behaviors.

     In this period when people keep focusing on management and efficiency, we suppose control our emotion to enrich our life!

What you say?

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