How to Bring Innovative Social Media into Taiwan?

     One of the classes I am taking is called “Personal Branding”. It is a totally brand new class in my school, the University of Nevada, Reno. We are learning how to market ourselves and business via social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, and blog. This is a trend and getting popular in America. People here can gain more chances to contact professionals and specialists to share experiences and solve problems between one another. However, people in Taiwan seem not familiar with those tools. We still follow other advanced countries’ steps but not come up with yet. No doubt, Facebook is the most widespread social media in the world and we are using as well. However, in business world Twitter and Linkedin are more professional. Through Twitter and Linkedin I found that if you put your keywords well on your specialist or major column, other people relate to your majors can link you together. Moreover, via Twitter you can even chat with other professionals far from you.

     Based on these advantages, I really want to apply these tools into Taiwan. But the problem is how can I do it? From now on I just came up with one idea which is using Facebook fan page to market my future business. This might be what my brand is. It is really a good question for me to define my value. This might be my last blog post for this class and I am still struggling for this problem. Everybody does not want to take one class and cannot apply it into what you work on; neither do I. Can anybody give me some ideas about this?


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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