4 Tips to not Get Short-sighted Benefit in a Company

When I studied my first Master in Finance in Taiwan, I published one essay talked about organizational Justice, which is related to corporate governance. For example, assume you are a part-time MBA student; you work in the day time and go to school in the night time. When you need to copy your homework, would you like to choose to spend money on copying in the library, or copy it at your company for free? Sometimes we want to do something underneath, or follow people what they have done immorally. However, this dishonesty would harm the company’s value invisibly.

Restrain your desire. If you have authority, some benefits come around and that would elicit you to do things immorally.

Keep the evidence. If you are involved in some immoral things, the evidence would be your helper to clarify, such as leave records every time you use something, or save your classify data.

Verify by responsible personnel. Every equipment you buy or use, the price and how long you are going to use need to be verified by related personnel.

Build up good reputation. Not everyone can help other people to do immoral things. When they choose some people who can help them, they usually choose people who gain little short-sighted benefits. If you want to avoid of being that kind of people, you should avoid presenting those bad characteristics. Moreover, being principled people is a good way to keep your trust.


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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