Are you a “Good Decision Maker, or Right Decision Maker”?

Have you had any experience which is about making wrong decisions or say something wrong, and you wish you could have a computer recovery CD to get back to the moment before you making decisions? I have to admit I am such a dreamer who always has this imagination, either for life or work. Life is so tough and complicated that we have to be very careful like skating over thin ice. Living with family, sometimes there is friction among us. As we say something improper, probably the fight will be recovered through the time just like a wound cured by itself. When we hang out with friends, we might never meet each other forever or never get back to the beginning due to some words which hurt.

     For corporate decision makers, they might have much more desire for this CD. Every day we face several things we do not like, and we meet people we do not want to meet. However, we have to make things be done to have everything connected well. I think there are no absolute right or wrong decisions; just good or bad. Right decisions might be the best solution for the thing, but it might not be good for everyone. Instead, good decisions are good for more people. For example, there is a girl told me she had crush on me, but I do not like her. Making the right decision is to reject her directly. Making a good decision is still being nice to her. Sometimes decision makers making decisions depends on their rational and professional thoughts, but they have to stand on other people’s feet to think about it. What do you think?


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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