Do You Learn Something From Movies?

Nowadays, management has departed from limited and difficult categories; it has become a basic knowledge for everyone and every career required. However, some specialists found that most people still think management only needs to be learned by the professional or managers. The point of view of self-limited is the most severe obstruction of improving selves. Learning with relaxation is a thing for whole life, learning something from movies is another way to keep your knowledge being growing.

Stimulate thinking over.

        Watching movies can transform your attention to stimulate your thoughts in other aspects. Americans are more critical because they create tons of awesome movies to make them think and make other people think.

Better than books because of fathom.

        Movies’ stories might be a bit deficient and different from original books, but when you watching actors and actresses performing is much easier to place you self in the roles’ position in movies and to learn how they treat people and things; it is vivid.

Tell you some life experience.

        Movies can tell you some life experiences which you never have. It is hard to see lots of people and things precisely in a short time and it is like an epitome of a whole life. These experiences can help you be more knowledgeable and sophisticated.

Let you realize your and others virtues.

        It is a very great chance to enhance your abilities and skills about work or life. Sometimes the advantages you have you have not realized and no one tells you. Movies might demonstrate those like you watch you self, and then you can bring your virtues into full play.

     Of course you probably cannot learn something from each movie. But if you choose some motivational or educational movies, you would learn something unconsciously. Do you learn something from movies?


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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