Is Your Heart Open?

From one of Wally Bock’s posts ”A bunch of Cs for Bosses”, I agree with all points, especially care is a huge motivation to make employees more productive. If you want to be an effective leader, you have to learn how to share your mind with people in daily life. Through repeated observing and practicing, caring about employees would become easier.

To open one’s heart is an acquired skill, not a gift.

No one can have sense of humor, sincereness, integrity, confidence, and so on, in the beginning. All outstanding communicators were not outstanding at first; they keep improving and practicing to learn how to open people’s heart. In this aspect, the importance is the progress, instead of destination.

To open one’s heart is not only by speaking

Whenever you communicate, speaking is not only factor to get trust. Emotion and content are more essential. Proper smile is always a friendly friend to break the barrier; also you need to let people know what your feeling is. Moreover, if you cannot express what you want to say, it is a vital issue as well. Therefore, you have to be more confident of what you want to say.

To open one’s heart has to focus on people whom you talk to

        As you try to open people’s hearts, remember to pay attention on people’s interests instead of you. If you focus on their interests, you will be their one of interests.

To open one’s heart is to make you more influential

        The deep relationship generated by getting trust is much more influential than anything you do. If you are good at opening people’s hearts, you can totally develop your abilities and skills to make you more productive. So your success is dependent on your ability of how you open people’s hearts.

         No matter how old you are or how much experience you have got, anyone can become a good communicator to easily get trust.


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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