Night of All Nations

     This April 15th was a big day for international students; it was the night of all nations. Tons of students from several countries did their best to demonstrate their own cultures by preparing food and performances. Although the number of international students was affected by the big recession in 2008, most students gave their passion for this event. In this activity I saw students were dedicated to introducing what their countries special are, and their gorgeous histories. The most importantly, I witnessed how they cooperated. Through this event and their cooperation I figured out something important for team work:

1.      Build up trust

     Establishing trust is the first step also the most important one to create a high efficient team with morale and will. This means the peers must learn how to admit their mistakes and failures freely and quickly, and learn how to ask for help right away. Besides, they also have to admit others’ virtues.

2.      Benign conflict

     The biggest obstruction for team work is conflict. Some people might think conflict would longer work time, but conflict can help the team find out where the problems are soon.

3.      Solid action

     The leader must learn how to make decisions without complete information and united opinions. This is because it is rare to get complete information; the ability for making a strategic decision is the most essential key.

4.      No regret and complain

     A remarkable team does not need the leader to remind team workers to do make an effort because they all know how to do; they even remind each other of avoiding redundant work. They are not only responsible for themselves, but they are in charge of assisting each other.

     Even though students from different countries showed cooperation in different ways, their same goal is to show their countries best side and make people know their countries. Let’s give them a burst of applause, shall we?


About Cheng Chih Lin

I am a current MBA student at University of Nevada, Reno
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