How to Bring Innovative Social Media into Taiwan?

     One of the classes I am taking is called “Personal Branding”. It is a totally brand new class in my school, the University of Nevada, Reno. We are learning how to market ourselves and business via social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, and blog. This is a trend and getting popular in America. People here can gain more chances to contact professionals and specialists to share experiences and solve problems between one another. However, people in Taiwan seem not familiar with those tools. We still follow other advanced countries’ steps but not come up with yet. No doubt, Facebook is the most widespread social media in the world and we are using as well. However, in business world Twitter and Linkedin are more professional. Through Twitter and Linkedin I found that if you put your keywords well on your specialist or major column, other people relate to your majors can link you together. Moreover, via Twitter you can even chat with other professionals far from you.

     Based on these advantages, I really want to apply these tools into Taiwan. But the problem is how can I do it? From now on I just came up with one idea which is using Facebook fan page to market my future business. This might be what my brand is. It is really a good question for me to define my value. This might be my last blog post for this class and I am still struggling for this problem. Everybody does not want to take one class and cannot apply it into what you work on; neither do I. Can anybody give me some ideas about this?

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4 Tips to not Get Short-sighted Benefit in a Company

When I studied my first Master in Finance in Taiwan, I published one essay talked about organizational Justice, which is related to corporate governance. For example, assume you are a part-time MBA student; you work in the day time and go to school in the night time. When you need to copy your homework, would you like to choose to spend money on copying in the library, or copy it at your company for free? Sometimes we want to do something underneath, or follow people what they have done immorally. However, this dishonesty would harm the company’s value invisibly.

Restrain your desire. If you have authority, some benefits come around and that would elicit you to do things immorally.

Keep the evidence. If you are involved in some immoral things, the evidence would be your helper to clarify, such as leave records every time you use something, or save your classify data.

Verify by responsible personnel. Every equipment you buy or use, the price and how long you are going to use need to be verified by related personnel.

Build up good reputation. Not everyone can help other people to do immoral things. When they choose some people who can help them, they usually choose people who gain little short-sighted benefits. If you want to avoid of being that kind of people, you should avoid presenting those bad characteristics. Moreover, being principled people is a good way to keep your trust.

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Are you a “Good Decision Maker, or Right Decision Maker”?

Have you had any experience which is about making wrong decisions or say something wrong, and you wish you could have a computer recovery CD to get back to the moment before you making decisions? I have to admit I am such a dreamer who always has this imagination, either for life or work. Life is so tough and complicated that we have to be very careful like skating over thin ice. Living with family, sometimes there is friction among us. As we say something improper, probably the fight will be recovered through the time just like a wound cured by itself. When we hang out with friends, we might never meet each other forever or never get back to the beginning due to some words which hurt.

     For corporate decision makers, they might have much more desire for this CD. Every day we face several things we do not like, and we meet people we do not want to meet. However, we have to make things be done to have everything connected well. I think there are no absolute right or wrong decisions; just good or bad. Right decisions might be the best solution for the thing, but it might not be good for everyone. Instead, good decisions are good for more people. For example, there is a girl told me she had crush on me, but I do not like her. Making the right decision is to reject her directly. Making a good decision is still being nice to her. Sometimes decision makers making decisions depends on their rational and professional thoughts, but they have to stand on other people’s feet to think about it. What do you think?

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Do You Learn Something From Movies?

Nowadays, management has departed from limited and difficult categories; it has become a basic knowledge for everyone and every career required. However, some specialists found that most people still think management only needs to be learned by the professional or managers. The point of view of self-limited is the most severe obstruction of improving selves. Learning with relaxation is a thing for whole life, learning something from movies is another way to keep your knowledge being growing.

Stimulate thinking over.

        Watching movies can transform your attention to stimulate your thoughts in other aspects. Americans are more critical because they create tons of awesome movies to make them think and make other people think.

Better than books because of fathom.

        Movies’ stories might be a bit deficient and different from original books, but when you watching actors and actresses performing is much easier to place you self in the roles’ position in movies and to learn how they treat people and things; it is vivid.

Tell you some life experience.

        Movies can tell you some life experiences which you never have. It is hard to see lots of people and things precisely in a short time and it is like an epitome of a whole life. These experiences can help you be more knowledgeable and sophisticated.

Let you realize your and others virtues.

        It is a very great chance to enhance your abilities and skills about work or life. Sometimes the advantages you have you have not realized and no one tells you. Movies might demonstrate those like you watch you self, and then you can bring your virtues into full play.

     Of course you probably cannot learn something from each movie. But if you choose some motivational or educational movies, you would learn something unconsciously. Do you learn something from movies?

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Is Your Heart Open?

From one of Wally Bock’s posts ”A bunch of Cs for Bosses”, I agree with all points, especially care is a huge motivation to make employees more productive. If you want to be an effective leader, you have to learn how to share your mind with people in daily life. Through repeated observing and practicing, caring about employees would become easier.

To open one’s heart is an acquired skill, not a gift.

No one can have sense of humor, sincereness, integrity, confidence, and so on, in the beginning. All outstanding communicators were not outstanding at first; they keep improving and practicing to learn how to open people’s heart. In this aspect, the importance is the progress, instead of destination.

To open one’s heart is not only by speaking

Whenever you communicate, speaking is not only factor to get trust. Emotion and content are more essential. Proper smile is always a friendly friend to break the barrier; also you need to let people know what your feeling is. Moreover, if you cannot express what you want to say, it is a vital issue as well. Therefore, you have to be more confident of what you want to say.

To open one’s heart has to focus on people whom you talk to

        As you try to open people’s hearts, remember to pay attention on people’s interests instead of you. If you focus on their interests, you will be their one of interests.

To open one’s heart is to make you more influential

        The deep relationship generated by getting trust is much more influential than anything you do. If you are good at opening people’s hearts, you can totally develop your abilities and skills to make you more productive. So your success is dependent on your ability of how you open people’s hearts.

         No matter how old you are or how much experience you have got, anyone can become a good communicator to easily get trust.

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Experience Leads Business, or Vigor is Better?

Yesterday the president of the University of Nevada, Reno, Milton Glick, passed away by a stroke. In my impression on him he was a great president since I saw him quite often everywhere on campus. I guessed he liked to visit each corner of campus to meet people and see where in need. Yesterday I sighed up my Twitter and Facebook I got this news and felt shocked. Afterwards I started to look for more information and found news about this with one comment. The person said you could imagine you let a 73-year-old person run your company; go get a younger one. This comment sounds improper, but this is worth to be discussed. I have heard Dr. Milton Glick had been a vice president at another university more than a decade and been a president here for several years. No doubt he was such an experienced educator and leader.
     Sometimes I heard some companies or some sports teams wanted to replace older leaders to younger ones. This is because the elderly running companies is typical and companies most rely on their intelligence and experience for support. Nevertheless, some people think younger leaders can bring companies more energy and morale. Risky or conservative, fast or slow, experience or vigor, this has been a controversy for a while, and no one knows which is better. Overall, I prefer older people to be leaders because experience is such an important factor that mostly they can do the right things and make proper decisions. Moreover, the subordinate are more willing to listen to older leaders’ order. This is not an age issue; it is an experience issue. What do you think?

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Night of All Nations

     This April 15th was a big day for international students; it was the night of all nations. Tons of students from several countries did their best to demonstrate their own cultures by preparing food and performances. Although the number of international students was affected by the big recession in 2008, most students gave their passion for this event. In this activity I saw students were dedicated to introducing what their countries special are, and their gorgeous histories. The most importantly, I witnessed how they cooperated. Through this event and their cooperation I figured out something important for team work:

1.      Build up trust

     Establishing trust is the first step also the most important one to create a high efficient team with morale and will. This means the peers must learn how to admit their mistakes and failures freely and quickly, and learn how to ask for help right away. Besides, they also have to admit others’ virtues.

2.      Benign conflict

     The biggest obstruction for team work is conflict. Some people might think conflict would longer work time, but conflict can help the team find out where the problems are soon.

3.      Solid action

     The leader must learn how to make decisions without complete information and united opinions. This is because it is rare to get complete information; the ability for making a strategic decision is the most essential key.

4.      No regret and complain

     A remarkable team does not need the leader to remind team workers to do make an effort because they all know how to do; they even remind each other of avoiding redundant work. They are not only responsible for themselves, but they are in charge of assisting each other.

     Even though students from different countries showed cooperation in different ways, their same goal is to show their countries best side and make people know their countries. Let’s give them a burst of applause, shall we?

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